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We are a boutique investment advisor

providing financial planning, asset management and administrative services to high-net-worth individuals and family offices. We specializing in portfolio management across multiple entities, such as family trusts created for estate planning purposes. Operating with an open and flexible platform allows our clients to pursue the best advice, opportunities and service across the financial services industry. 


NPM encourages clients to work with third-party asset managers who we evaluate based on quantitative and qualitative analysis. To ensure these relationships thrive; we regularly attend meetings, ask questions, take notes and measure results. Managers (including ourselves) are

held accountable for results by measuring performance against explicit benchmarks outlined

from the start.


As a representative of our clients' family offices, we act in a fiduciary capacity, providing unmatched loyalty, diligence and care. Our goal is to provide lasting continuity and trust from

one generation to the next.

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